Welcome to my new and ever-changing world – the world of Abby Lancaster, graphic designer!

     My experiences are growing and my effort is both determined and successful as I move from my Senior year at Malden, Missouri, High School to higher education. This fall I will be attending The Art Institute of Nashville to pursue a degree in graphic arts. I have gained knowledge of programming and design while working on many projects for Christian artists and various churches in the Midwest. I love what I do and find real fulfillment in the process as well as the projects themselves. As you can see on my portfolio page I have experience with t-shirts, websites, posters, and am currently working on album art and website design logos.

     Contact me about any project for a free price quote and I will provide you with quick service and suitable product. As a new designer, I’m excited about where the field and my customers will take me. Thanks for visiting my website and looking over my work; I hope you enjoy it. Have a wonderful day and God bless you!


"We are pleased to offer you early admission to The Art Institute of Tennessee. We look forward to welcoming you to Nashville as you embark upon a career in the creative arts."